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We look forward to work with you on new ventures and challenges. Our team is knowledgeable and skilled. All employees have a master’s degree and proven experience in the business. Learn more about our backgrounds, knowledge and motivations, below:

Ruben Berendts MScBA - managing partner, senior consultant

Mr Ruben Berendts studied technical business administration in 's-Hertogenbosch and business administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He specializes in wind energy, finance and renewable energy investments. He started his career at Honeywell and Royal Dutch Shell. He developed expertise in wind energy through various functions at Ecofys (renewable energy consultancy company), Vestas (world's leading wind turbine manufacturer) and Eneco (major Dutch utility). In 2008 he founded Blue Bear Energy in The Netherlands, a consultancy firm for the renewable sector. Ruben worked as project manager on projects such as Koegorspolder (at that time Benelux biggest onshore wind park) and Coega I (first commercial wind turbine of South Africa). Ruben also started the development of wind park Windpark Goyerbrug.

"The development of a wind park takes a lot of patience, determination, skills and experience. It is always inspiring and emotional to see the first kWh being produced. It is extremely rewarding to work with customers and other dedicated people who are working hard for a good cause", says Ruben Berendts.

Brendan Williams MSc - managing partner, senior consultant

Mr Brendan Williams has a strong and proven track record in consultancy and renewable energy. Brendan began building his expertise through a solid education in electrical engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology. He went on to develop and introduce innovative electrical grid concepts. Later Brendan specialized in advanced modeling of project finance structures for multi megawatt wind projects. Combining his technical knowhow and financing skills, he has played a key role in several acquisitions of both wind energy projects and wind energy development companies. Brendan is currently responsible for the financial modeling of the Noordoostpolder wind park (one of Europe’s biggest wind developments).

"Wind energy is where technology, finance, management and the interest of our children meet. We must do the right thing. And with sustainable energy, we can do just that and keep our economy going and have fun. All at the same time", says Brendan Williams.

Sushant Bhoendie MSc - senior managing consultant

Mr Sushant Bhoendie studied business economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. During his study he successfully completed all majors and minors in the field of financial economics including Management and Financial Accounting, Project- and Corporate Finance and Portfolio Investing. Sushant worked several years as business analyst and controller before he joined the wind energy business unit of Eneco (major Dutch utility) in 2008. Within three years he worked his way up to senior business analyst and ultimately he became the manager of all business analysts within Eneco. Besides expertise in wind energy he enlarged his knowledge portfolio on solar energy, biomass energy and thermal storage. With his expertise, he successfully directed 10 wind projects, 3 solar projects and 1 biomass project in several countries to financial close. His activities and experiences include advanced financial modeling, structured/project finance, debt/equity raising, due diligence, valuation of renewable energy projects/portfolio and EPC- and maintenance contracting.

"There are other ways to produce energy which are less harmful to the planet and which use the natural resources of the planet in a much more sustainable manner. Making the choice now for renewable energy for everyone will be beneficial for generations after us", says Sushant Bhoendie.


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