During the ages, Wind has mobilized men and shaped the landscape
Today it powers the sustainable world

A short introduction

Blue Bear Energy is an independent advisory firm established in 2008. We advise our clients on developing, financing and building of renewable energy projects. Blue Bear energy is focused on two core areas:


Blue Bear Energy shares its knowledge and experience in the renewable energy sector with developers, investors, utilities, institutions, suppliers and other parties involved in this sector. We offer expertise in development, finance, procurement, project management and due diligence.

Project development

Blue Bear Energy develops renewable projects independently and also in cooperation with various partners. Our developments are located in the Netherlands and South Africa.

Blue Bear Energy has a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic professionals that will assist you in every step of your renewable energy project. Since we develop our own projects, we have great empathy towards developers of renewable projects. This enables us to provide our customers with pragmatic, realistic and efficient solutions.

In perspective

We use an astounding amount of energy on earth. Our yearly electricity consumption is estimated at around kWh.

To understand this, imagine an electricity line with 20 Watt light bulbs hanging every 1,5 meters or 5 feet. If all the generated electricity in the world was used to light up these bulbs, the line of bulbs would extend from our planet to the sun and all the bulbs would burn continuously.

This astounding picture illustrates our electricity needs and urges us to think about the ways in which this electricity is generated. Renewable energy is not a luxury. It is a necessity.

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