Because we develop our own projects, it is easy for Blue Bear Energy to relate to clients. This makes cooperation between the client and consultant productive and pleasant. Blue Bear Energy is completely independent and 100% autonomously financed. We are and have been involved in numerous projects. Our customers are mainly developers, utility companies, investors and governmental bodies. Blue Bear Energy is currently engaged in several developments. References are available on request.

Project development

Blue Bear Group develops renewable energy projects. Our philosophy is that communities and their residents should also benefit from a project in addition to the developer. We therefore introduce a support plan containing elements of profit sharing. An example of a Blue Bear Group development is Windpark Lingewaard. This development exists of 5 wind turbines next to the future extension of the A15 high way and Betuwe train tracks near Bemmel.

Some figures

Number of turbines 5 x multiMW-class
Possible production 40 GWh
Renewable energy for 30.000 people
Support plan participation, direct compensation and contribution to local government
For more information please visit: Blue Bear Group is constantly seeking sites for renewable energy projects and therefore offers several different types of partnerships to land owners. As a project partner, the land owner we will give you the option to participate in the development or you can choose for a risk free partnership that leaves all the work to us. Alternatively, any partnership in between these two options is possible. If you are interested in developing a project on your property, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • WP: wind project
    SP: solar project
    BP: biomass project
    • WP Accres - Lelystad (NL)
    • WP Andijk (NL)
    • WP Anna Vosdijk Polder (NL)
    • SP Antwerpen1 (BE)
    • SP Antwerpen2 (BE)
    • SP Aragon (FR)
    • WP Arendonk (BE)
    • WP Bergwind Energy (SA)
    • WP Brown Ridge East (Offshore)
    • WP Ciney (BE)
    • WP Coega1 – Port Elizabeth (SA)
    • WP Coevorden (NL)
    • BP Delfzijl (NL)
    • WP Delfzijl (NL)
    • WP Den Helder (NL)
    • WP Enci – Rotterdam (NL)
    • WP Fosses-la-Ville / Mettet (BE)
    • WP Fosses-la-Ville extension (BE)
    • WP Franeker (NL)
    • WP Fuji Film - Tilburg (NL)
    • WP Goyerbrug (NL)
    • WP Halderberge (NL)
    • WP Heerhugowaard (NL)
    • WP Koegorspolder (NL)
    • WP Lochluichart (UK)
    • WP Lopik (NL)
    • WP Maastricht (NL)
    • WP Maasvlakte (NL)
    • WP Middelharnis (NL)
    • WP Medemblik1 (NL)
    • WP Medemblik2 (NL)
    • WP Noordoostpolder (NL)
    • WP Perwez extesion (BE)
    • WP Puurs (BE)
    • WP Q4 (Offshore)
    • WP Q7 (Offshore)
    • WP Q10 (Offshore)
    • WP Reimerswaal (NL)
    • WP Rivierduintocht – Dronten (NL)
    • WP Scheveningen Buiten (Offshore)
    • WP Sint Annaland (NL)
    • WP Steenbergen (NL)
    • WP Slufter – repowering (NL)
    • WP Tullo (UK)
    • WP Venlo (NL)
    • WP Westermeerdijk (NL)
    • WP Zeewolde (NL)
    • several undisclosed projects
  • Involved in several M&A processes:
    Econcern / Evelop by Eneco
    AirEnergy by Eneco
    several undisclosed processes
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